Samples and Templates

The following publications are available for our members to download and use to help promote the Green Party.

Please consult the style guidelines for specific usage instructions for these templates. Remember to insert the correct national or local group logo, as appropriate.

If you are missing a template please contact the publications officer on: / +353 (0) 1 679 0012.

This jobs leaflet is in word format and can be edited by you.

Achievement leaflet on Jobs

The following 9 achievement leaflets are in pdf format and there are two A5 leaflets on an A4 page for printing on your home or office printers.

Achievement leaflet Technology and Communications

Achievement leaflet on Animal Welfare

Achievement leaflet on Banking Reform

Achievement leaflet on Protecting our Children

Achievement leaflet on Cleaner Politics

Achievement leaflet on Cycling Update

Achievement leaflet on Equality and Civil Rights

Achievement leaflet on Planning our Communities

Achievement leaflet on Transport

Recruitment drive leaflet - September 2010

Key Green Party achievements January to July 2010

Green Party Standing Order form

Letterhead for Representatives

2 page A4 Newsletter

4 page A4 Newsletter

Web Banner

Membership Form RI

Membership Form NI

Membership Form NI- Using Ard Fheis

Rented Accommodation standards

Document layout example 1.pdf

Document layout example 2.pdf

Envelope DL.pdf

Envelope A4.pdf